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19.03.2019 A long-established construction company relies on the efficiency of PASCHAL formwork systems for a turnkey construction project
01.03.2019 PASCHAL helps close an educational gap.
11.02.2019 Formwork for the new bridge construction over the River Kinzig between Steinach and Bollenbach successfully completed
04.02.2019 Michael Stoevelbaek is the new Managing Director of PASCHAL
29.01.2019 PASCHAL stands for sustainability and will be presenting “Efficiency in Combination” with formwork, software and services at bauma 2019
02.01.2019 Sewage treatment plant modernisation in Seesen with support from PASCHAL
03.12.2018 PASCHAL is appearing for the 4th time at the bC India international trade exhibition
15.11.2018 Reinforced concrete structures for a footbridge measuring about 98 meters in length have been constructed using PASCHAL formwork.
08.11.2018 PPL 11.0 – the BIM-capable software for efficient and transparent processes in formwork planning
22.10.2018 Formwork systems from PASCHAL used for the fair-faced concrete tower at the emergency centre in Cernay-Wittelsheim.
21.09.2018 Sewage treatment plant expansion valued at about 40 million euros in Forchheim with the second largest final sedimentation tanks in Germany for 600,000 residents.
19.09.2018 PASCHAL is appearing for the 9th time at the Saudi Build international trade exhibition
03.09.2018 Family-owned company on course for growth: Dosch invests in LOGO.3
12.07.2018 Restaurant Übersee in Hamburg constructed with systems from PASCHAL
29.05.2018 Barrier-free access to the tree canopy walkway at a height of 31 metres.
03.05.2018 Gertrud Maier - An entrepreneurial person has closed her eyes forever
03.04.2018 Upgrading the Oder Dam. Sections of the dam have been successfully renovated with PASCHAL systems.
08.03.2018 Bahnstadt Heidelberg - One of the largest urban development projects in Germany to become a reality.
02.02.2018 Formwork for the “Betonoase” (Concrete Oasis) pilot project provided by PASCHAL
03.01.2018 2,400 apartments are to be built using Modular universal formwork.
01.12.2017 Rounding the square with PASCHAL formwork systems
15.11.2017 PASCHAL for the 1st time at the Excon International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair
06.11.2017 The Luxembourg master plan for "Mobility" starts to take shape.
11.10.2017 PASCHAL for the 8th time at the Saudi Build international trade exhibition
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