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18.01.2021 A pumping station for flood protection
13.01.2021 Solid foundations for the energy transition
16.12.2020 Extension of Gopalpur Port with the Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL
08.12.2020 PASCHAL formwork makes concrete (props) of any shape
20.11.2020 Conservation of species and preservation of historic buildings combined with regenerative energy generation
06.11.2020 Everything is progressing precisely in the construction of the new terminal in Frankfurt with Circular column formwork from PASCHAL
02.11.2020 Big PASCHAL competition with great prizes
23.10.2020 Well equipped for the future with your own formwork collection
13.10.2020 PASCHAL Maturix accelerates construction of the Bagsværd bridge
11.09.2020 Innovative NeoR lightweight formwork as a further development of the Modular universal formwork
07.09.2020 in action on a construction site in Essen
24.08.2020 Major (e-)mobility project and its successful implementation
12.08.2020 Reaching for the stars with PASCHAL - the new planetarium in Halle, Germany
27.07.2020 Practical increase in efficiency with the LOGO. 3 thanks to fewer tie points
09.07.2020 Hinge expands range of applications for the multi-waler
22.06.2020 Complete renovation of the downstream reservoir on the Sösetalsperre dam in the Harz mountains
05.06.2020 Extension of Edith Stein primary school in Brunswick
22.05.2020 Concrete cylinder for gastronomic silo realised with formwork and climbing technology from PASCHAL
20.04.2020 Ingenious solution for Fürst Leopold
07.04.2020 Flood-control reservoir in Germany's Black Forest
27.03.2020 PASCHAL is supporting the Sita Rama irrigation project with comprehensive formwork expertise
27.03.2020 High-quality concrete structures for the VIT College railway underpass formed with PASCHAL
04.03.2020 Barntrup bypass – fast forming times for roadworks to get traffic flowing smoothly
11.02.2020 Renovation and expansion of the lock for 110 metre long ships
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