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21.12.2021 Modern toboggan run for the ‘St. Moritz of the North’
23.11.2021 When it comes to intricate circular shapes, then PASCHAL is the only way to go
26.10.2021 Circular reinforced concrete constructions for biogas plants formed quickly and safely with PASCHAL
18.10.2021 NeoR lightweight formwork expanded to include new accessories
16.09.2021 PASCHAL needed twice for the B34 bypass
09.09.2021 The multifunctional connecting piece of the LOGO range: the LOGO multi clamp
23.08.2021 A simple formwork solution for slender and extremely high reinforced concrete columns
11.08.2021 PASCHAL formwork creates a solid foundation for the "Treetop Walk Alsace"
14.07.2021 Orange formwork prepares the way for green agriculture
24.06.2021 Useful helpers for practical application
15.06.2021 114 new apartments to be built in Lahr
20.05.2021 Circular reinforced concrete columns as supporting parts for STOA169
05.05.2021 New NeoR lightweight formwork finds application in housing construction
21.04.2021 New day care centre at the “Alten Sportplatz” site in harmonious fair-faced concrete
15.04.2021 Circular column formwork by PASCHAL assists with the conversion of the Sendlinger Tor underground station
12.04.2021 Top-quality and efficient construction achieved with PASCHAL Maturix
24.03.2021 PASCHAL is supporting the preparatory work for an innovative pilot project for a commercial building made of infra-lightweight concrete
12.03.2021 Unconventional concrete structure for Haslach-based home
01.03.2021 Major PASCHAL competition – Presentation in Rheine
18.02.2021 Once you have experienced PASCHAL you will never go back
08.02.2021 One lateral protection system, many applications: Secuset from PASCHAL
18.01.2021 A pumping station for flood protection
13.01.2021 Solid foundations for the energy transition
16.12.2020 Extension of Gopalpur Port with the Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL
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