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Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Traditionally, personal contact with our clients and our community have always been top priorities at PASCHAL. That is how people in the Black Forest area of Germany have survived over many centuries, and that is how PASCHAL continues to conduct business, even on a global scale. Taking their lead from our headquarters in Steinach/Baden, all employees of the PASCHAL family take on their own responsibility to provide the best possible service to our clients wherever they may be in the world, and to guarantee their satisfaction. This includes providing the best products for the type of formwork required, the best formwork plans, the friendliest and most competent consulting, and many more service offerings for formworks and construction sites in general. Our customers can always rely on the fact that our solutions are fabricated to their specification.

Protecting the Environment

Responsibility and respect for the environment are an important part of PASCHAL company ethos. The materials in all our productions, as well as the production and manufacturing facilities and services, are geared towards conserving natural resources and environmental sustainability . At the main facility and head offices in Steinach, all electricity used comes from 100% water power. An optimised logistics management ensures that only those products are moved that actually need moving.

And every time, system formworks by PASCHAL reduces the need for construction wood.

The use of PASCHAL formworks does even better when compared with traditional formwork methods used in many countries and regions around the world. On those building sites, large quantities of squared timber, boards, and other solid wood products are used. However, these can often only be used once, which means a steady supply of wood is needed. Most of that wood comes from illegal logging of tropical forests. These operations not only destroy huge areas of tropical forest forever, they also endanger the habitat of humans, animals, and plants alike. Furthermore, the future of critical factors, including biodiversity, soil quality, and global climate are adversely influenced.

In PASCHAL system formwork, all wooden formwork components come from certified and sustainable forestry. With proper care and utilisation, these wooden components can be reused for many years for hundreds of applications.

Even though PASCHAL systems are first and foremost geared towards providing economic benefits for their users, they are also actively beneficial in terms of saving the environment.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of those who use PASCHAL products, of our service providers and of course of our employees are a major concern of ours. For all of our products, health and safety concerns play a major role even as early as the development phase. Decades of experiences gained in our research and development work, but also feedback from our clients are important considerations for our product developments. That is how safe formwork systems for worldwide deployment have always been developed here, and will continue to be developed in the future.

The safeguards employed in our production facilities and processes far surpass legal requirements. Periodic inductions and training sessions for our personnel additionally support our policy to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone.

Ergonomics at office and industrial workplaces rank in importance just as high as do safeguards on machinery and systems, and help prevent accidents and injuries, and therefore downtime. Periodic risk assessments for all areas of work help to improve and enhance workplaces permanently. We consider these measures to be an important component of our constant improvement process (CIP).

Social Responsibility

PASCHAL stands for social responsibility in regards to the communities that we are part of wherever or facilities and subsidiaries may be. We support social and cultural institutions and sport events for everyone. And we enjoy our responsibilities with conviction and help, wherever we can.