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Our values

What PASCHAL stands for

Customer Satisfaction

Taking their lead from our headquarters in Steinach/Baden, all employees of the PASCHAL family take on their own responsibility to provide the best possible service to our clients wherever they may be in the world, and to guarantee their satisfaction. This includes providing the best products for the type of formwork required, the best formwork plans, the friendliest and most competent consulting, and many more service offerings for formworks and construction sites in general.

Protecting the Environment

When PASCHAL assumes responsibility, it also takes the environment into consideration. The use of a sustainable quality assurance program and the accompanying long service life of our formwork and equipment make a considerable contribution to the responsible use of resources.
In PASCHAL system formwork, all wooden formwork components come from certified and sustainable forestry. With proper care and utilisation, these wooden components can be reused for many years for hundreds of applications.

The materials in all our productions, as well as the production and manufacturing facilities and services, are geared towards conserving natural resources and environmental sustainability. 60 % of the energy supply for our headquarters in Steinach and our management comes from renewable energies such as wind and hydro power.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of those who use PASCHAL products, of our service providers and of course of our employees are a major concern of ours. For all of our products, health and safety concerns play a major role even as early as the development phase. Decades of experiences gained in our research and development work, but also feedback from our clients are important considerations for our product developments. That is how safe formwork systems for worldwide deployment have always been developed here, and will continue to be developed in the future.

The safeguards employed in our production facilities and processes far surpass legal requirements. Periodic inductions and training sessions for our personnel additionally support our policy to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. We consider these measures to be an important component of our constant improvement process (CIP).

Social Responsibility

PASCHAL stands for social responsibility in regards to the communities that we are part of wherever or facilities and subsidiaries may be. We support social and cultural institutions and sport events for everyone. And we enjoy our responsibilities with conviction and help, wherever we can.

Our team

The expertise and experience of our employees enable PASCHAL to move forwards. The long service of our employees demonstrates that a good working environment and trust are essential for successful and long-term collaboration.

Qualified and committed employees, whether they are in a team or in project work, are a guarantee for providing the best advice, service and close customer contact. At our sites, each and every one of our employees is a representative of our company name, our service and our quality. We do not take this level of performance from each and every person for granted and we really appreciate it!

For more than fifty years, we have achieved a lot together. High-grade construction projects are testimony to this joint success story.