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Supports and consumables from PASCHAL

Cleaning & care of formwork

Parting compound for spotless, smooth concrete

  • The parting compound is supplied ready for use
  • Guaranteed high coverage since only a thin film has to be sprayed on
  • Easy to spray on using the parting compound pistol
  • weatherproof
  • Comes in a 200-litre barrel with tap or a 30-litre plastic can

Quick & effective cleaning with the PASCHAL UNI carbide scraper

  • For the efficient removal of concrete residue
  • Lightweight and practical design ensures clean and effective work
  • Carbide turn plates with 4 sharp edges each
  • Turn plates are available in 6 different working widths
  • The LOGO UNI carbide scraper is precisely tailored to the PASCHAL LOGO formwork to ensure exceptionally effective and easy cleaning

PASCHAL adjustable props and supports - for securing a variety of formwork systems

  • Simple and safe aligning of formwork
  • The adjustable props and formwork supports ensure structural stability vis-à-vis external influences, e.g., wind loads and live loads resulting from work on the formwork
  • The PASCHAL adjustable props can be used with all formwork systems
  • They are also ideal for stabilising of prefabricated components

Concrete screw for the assembly of adjustable props

  • For temporary fastening of construction site equipment
  • Dismountable and reusable
  • Ideal core/thread geometry makes it easy to screw in and has high admissible capacities
  • Toothed functional tip reduces wear
  • Test sleeve included to test for reusability

Plastic and fibre concrete spacers

All PVC consumables and formwork spacers as well as other formwork accessories form part of our complete product range.

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