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Circular Column Formwork

  • Leakage free panels joints due to overlapping formwork lining
  • Oval columns and rounded stopends by be using the Modular connection panel
  • Complete with work platform for safe concreting
  • Many deployments, no disposal costs
  • No limits to concreting speed at small diameters
Circular Column Formwork

Column Formwork for round and oval shapes

Steel formwork for round and oval shaped columns.

Technical Data
Panel heights  300/275/150/125/75 cm 
Diameter  100/90/80/70/60/50/45/40/35/30/25 cm 
Plywood  3 mm steel sheet 
Max. concrete pressure  85 kN/m² according DIN 18218 (ø 100 cm) 
  335 kN/m² according DIN 18218 (ø 25 cm) 

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