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Dam bracket SPK 270

Flexible adjustment for single-sided climbing

  • All PASCHAL formwork systems can be mounted on the dam bracket
  • Robust design for economical bracket spacing and cycle heights
  • Formwork can be tipped over for dismantling and retracted on a formwork carriage
  • Flexible adjustment due to the continuously adjustable incline of the formwork panels (inclination up to a max. of 38°)
Dam bracket SPK 270

Sperrenkonsole von PASCHAL

Single-faced climbing is often required during the construction of reservoir dams, port facilities, inner city construction projects in empty spaces or restoration projects. In this case, the dam bracket SPK 270 from PASCHAL is used.

In order to ensure adaptability to the widest possible range of wall inclinations, the formwork panels can be continuously inclined in both directions on the dam bracket. The working platforms remain in the horizontal position.

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