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ERP software module for the rental business of formwork, construction site equipment and construction machinery


ERPrental is a module for the rental of formwork, construction site equipment and construction machinery based on the widely available Infor-ERP software. Rental processes in these areas are growing in scope.

The ERPrental software accommodates this by supporting rental processes and procedures.

ERPrental is designed for the manufacturer-independent management of formwork, construction site accessories, construction machinery and comparable material for companies with at least 20 employees.


ERPrental is very flexible for the following reasons:

  • Obtain an overview of all materials and ascertain their location (or construction site) and conditions of hire, at any time
  • Several orders can be planned simultaneously (critical material situations can be recognised immediately thanks to appropriate reservations)
  • Shortages in return goods are immediately noticeable
  • Processes can be changed easily, for example the purchase of a rental object; already invoiced rentals can also be credited
  • Several sub-projects can be created from one main project, and they can all be billed differently
  • Available in German, English and French


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