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Slab formwork

Versatile and adjustable

Whether for simple or complex ceiling surfaces, PASCHAL provides the correct formwork system for every application in order to produce ceilings in residential and industrial construction.

The product range includes a total of three flexible and efficient slab formwork systems: PASCHAL Deck, e-deck and PASCHAL Slab edge formwork.

Slab edge formwork

Versatile and easy formwork with PASCHAL Deck

The flexible yoke beam-cross beam slab formwork impresses due to its ideal adaptability to every floor plan, the various areas of application for slabs of all thicknesses and the light individual parts. PASCHAL Deck consists of just three main components: slab props, H20 beams and plywood linings.

e-deck - the lightweight slab panel formwork from PASCHAL

The e-deck slab panel formwork with its stable but lightweight steel frame is used particularly on construction sites where there is no crane available. Thanks to its compatibility with the Modular/GE universal formwork, connections and transitions between wall and ceiling or beams can be created without difficulty.

Formwork for slab edges

The slab edge formwork uses a three-component technology consisting of a bracket, hook headed bolt connection and stop. As well as for slab edges (with and without overhangs), the slab edge bracket can also be used for forming floor slabs.

Slab formwork from PASCHAL

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