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Shoring systems

Comprehensive occupational safety combined with a high level of cost-effectiveness

The PASCHAL product range also includes two shoring systems for temporarily supporting structures or components: GASS and PASCHAL TG60.

Both shoring systems impress with their high level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness and ensure that work on the construction site is safe. The wide range of applications range from the production of vertical and horizontal concrete components in building construction and civil engineering to bridge construction and other shoring structures.


GASS aluminium shoring system

In the shoring sector, PASCHAL offers the GASS aluminium shoring system that also allows the transfer of loads from great heights. With an authorised load-bearing capacity of up to 140 kN per leg, the GASS aluminium shoring system leads the field in terms of load-bearing capacity. Its high admissible capacity means that fewer props and system components need to be used, resulting in considerable time savings when setting up and dismantling the shoring system.

PASCHAL TG 60 shoring system

The centrepiece of the PASCHAL TG 60 shoring system is the shoring frame with integrated punched disks which enables an easier, quicker and safer setup of shoring towers. The shoring towers fulfil practically all of the requirements of a construction site, whether in structural engineering, civil engineering or bridge construction.

 Shoring system from PASCHAL

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