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Adrian Gantenbein

"The easy handling of the pre-rounded, large TTK formwork units with practical clamp connection are one of the main reasons for the record-breaking construction time of just under six weeks."

Adrian Gantenbein, foreman, Stutz AG

Matthias Ziser

"In the past, I have worked intensively with LOGO.3 formwork from PASCHAL. Working with the formwork is extremely easy and formwork for large areas can be created quickly and easily thanks to the large range of panels."

Matthias Ziser, Managing Director, Ziserbau GmbH

Markus Ernst

Construction manager Markus Ernst and foreman Ronald Walter couldn't be more impressed by the simple handling and overall system compatibility. "The extreme versatility of the individual systems and their overall compatibility have made our work far easier and have gone some way in ensuring that we remain on schedule."

Markus Ernst, construction manager, Jürgen Martens GmbH & Co. KG


Restaurant Übersee, Hamburg

Jürgen Martens GmbH & Co. KG

Walter Bredemann

For project manager Dipl.-Ing. Walter Bredemann, there is nothing better than PASCHAL for forming vertical concrete structures. He has been using PASCHAL systems for over 35 years. He got to know and appreciate the benefits of, among others, the Modular/GE system back when he was a student.

Dipl.-Ing. Walter Bredemann, project manager, Averbeck Bau GmbH & Co. KG

Dieter Billharz

"When forming and scaffolding, it is not only the hardware that is important, but also the systematic planning, the thinking and the ability to react flexibly. Even if the project and construction processes are pre-planned in great detail, there are unpredictable challenges that have to be reacted to quickly. In such situations, the cooperative partnership with construction specialists with great practical experience, such as the PASCHAL team, is of great value."

Dieter Billharz, foreman, Ed. Züblin AG

Bdeiwi Muhammed

Bdeiwi Muhammed, construction manager, is extremely satisfied with the construction progress and the reliable and competent cooperation with PASCHAL.

Bdeiwi Muhammed, construction manager, NCC Copenhagen

Amager Bakke, Copenhagen

NCC Copenhagen

Horst Stippich

Horst Stippich, foreman at the construction company Eichner mbH, has been working with PASCHAL's formwork and shoring systems for 30 years.  

Horst Stippich, foreman, Baugesellschaft Eichner mbH

Office wing Hewe-Fensterbau, Lahr

Baugesellschaft Eichner mbH

Markus Himmelsbach

Foreman Markus Himmelsbach is relaxed about the first fix at the "Bären". Thanks to the PASCHAL formwork system, construction is going according to plan.

Markus Himmelsbach, foreman, Bauunternehmung Anton Himmelsbach

"Bären" hotel in Titisee-Neustadt

Bauunternehmung Anton Himmelsbach

Björn Wiegert

„These systems are easy to handle and are ideally suited for demanding construction sites.“

Construction manager, B. Eng. (FH) Björn Wiegert, Pöttinger GmbH

Residential complex "Pasinger Tor" in Munich

Seb. Pöttinger GmbH & Co. KG Bauunternehmung

Benoit Raspado

„Not only is this ingenious special formwork faster, but in terms of the time available for construction, it is considerably more economical than any other standard formwork product, since it will now be used for other culverts. There is simply no better solution!“

Site foreman Benoit Raspado, berthold s.a.

Tunnel renovations under the motorway

berthold s.a. (Dieue sur Meuse)

Viktor Kern

„The formwork work went briskly and completely problem-free. The specialist advisors are always there when one needs them, and solve any problems that arise quickly and competently!“

Viktor Kern, foreman and master mason, Huber-Bau GmbH

Flood control basin for Fautenbach

Huber-Bau GmbH & Co. KG

Hans-Peter Dennig

„The Modular/GE has clearly proved its strength and suitability.  The Modular/GE is a tremendously good construction, it is very economical and we are very happy with it“

Conviction of master mason, site manager and company boss Hans-Peter Dennig, Wilhelm Dennig Bauunternehmung

Volksbank Wilferdingen

Wilhelm Dennig Bauunternehmung, Wilferdingen

Arndt Kuipers

"No other circular formwork offers this quality!"
"Our decision to buy TTR was spot on. We will certainly choose TTR again next time!"

Foreman and Graduate Engineer Mr. Arndt Kuipers, 
G. Büter Bauunternhemen GmbH & Co. KG

Biogas plant Laar

G. Büter Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG
Central Station Vienna

“PASCHAL was capable of delivering a system which met these demands.”
“One could see that the usage of TTS was a good decision. During dismantling and forming, we did not need to do any reworking or readjustment on the elements. Even after being used about 140 times, no alteration of the formwork facing was necessary. This saved us a lot of labour costs.”

Foreman Albin Matschek, STRABAG SE

Peter Zwick

 “I have been working in construction for 30 years now, but I have never had something like this 14, 5 m wall before.”

Foreman Peter Zwick, Linnebacher Bau GmbH

Security storage Kaiserslautern

Linnebacher Bau GmbH
production hall Haslach

“This Form-Work technology is top-class, I wouldn’t want to work without it.”

Graduate Engineer Albert Schätzle,
Josef Singler Construction Company

Production Hall Haslach

Josef Singler Construction Company

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