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Column formwork

Remain flexible - save time

PASCHAL provides several different system solutions for formwork for square, rectangular, oval and circular concrete columns.

Grip Stützenschalung

Circular column formwork

Verstellbare Raster Stützenschalung
Adjustable Modular Column Formwork
Raster StützenschalungModular column formwork

LOGO Stützenschalung
LOGO column formwork

Grip adjustable column formwork

The Grip adjustable column formwork allows outstanding shuttering times for demanding exposed concrete requirements. The column formwork panels can be adjusted in 5 cm steps in the same manner as a windmill sail without having to change the plywood. The integrated folding mechanism also enables it to be erected and dismantled in a very time-efficient manner.

Circular column formwork

PASCHAL Circular column formwork is used for round and oval columns. The Circular column formwork consists of two structurally identical half shells made of steel which ensure an extremely high number of repeat uses. With connecting panels to the Modular/GE universal formwork, semi-circular connecting walls are very easy to produce.

Adjustable Modular column formwork

Adjustable Modular column formwork is ideally suited for rectangular and square column cross-sections with external dimensions from 20 to 50 cm in a 5 cm grid. The system is designed to build column forms of varying lengths, widths and heights in a short time using a small number of lightweight panels.

Column formwork with system panels

The multi-purpose panels from the Modular/GE universal formwork and LOGO.3 wall formwork systems can also be used as formwork for square columns.

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