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17.07.2024 From the Black Forest to the Arabian Gulf
Construction companies all over the world rely on our robust, versatile and ‘patented formwork’ from Steinach. We have established ourselves worldwide with outstanding projects and innovative products.
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60 years of PASCHAL
01.07.2024 Aim high – That’s for sure!
Aim high – That’s for sure! Efficient and swift concreting with the PASCHAL Climbing system 240.
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tower in the Heide Himmel
26.06.2024 Slender pillars for motorway bridge on the new A 44
Slender and round pillars for the A 44 motorway bridge near Herleshausen with PASCHAL steel circular column formwork.
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Slender pillars  A 44
06.05.2024 Order on every construction site and practical support for everyday construction site work
PASCHAL makes its customers’ day-to-day work easier with functional logistics solutions. The well-designed lattice boxes and transport boxes optimise logistics processes and contribute to an efficient, safe and targeted workflow.
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Lattice boxes and loading aids
08.04.2024 New coating for water tower in the Eifel
Circular formwork from PASCHAL makes bottom outlet tower of Urft dam earthquake-proof.
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Water tower, Eifel

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