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22.05.2023 Building in the tightest of spaces – NeoR lightweight formwork makes it easy
NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL can also demonstrate its advantages in confined spaces, as is the case here on a construction site in Bremen’s city centre.
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Construction of an apartment building
13.04.2023 PASCHAL: the first choice for the construction of the new tropical hall
Steel-reinforced concrete foundations and walls for the spectacular Meranti Hall in Münster were formed using formwork from PASCHAL.
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Construction of the Meranti Hall in Münster
20.03.2023 An all-round success using TTK circular trapezoidal girder formwork from PASCHAL for the general modernisation of the wastewater treatment plant
An experienced trio - OBG Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG, HSB Schalung GmbH together with PASCHAL - are the guarantee for a smooth and economical construction process for the general renovation of the wastewater treatment plant.
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Renovation of the wastewater treatment plant Walpershofen
07.02.2023 PASCHAL is providing solutions for a unique project in Copenhagen
Another major project in Denmark is being constructed with support from PASCHAL.
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09.01.2023 Schleith GmbH and PASCHAL, the proven combination for sluice refurbishments
For the ongoing sluice refurbishment in Schwabenheim, the Schleith GmbH is using PASCHAL. After the success with the sluice refurbishment in Lauffen four years ago, the contractor comes back to our formwork and scaffolding systems.
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sluice refurbishment

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