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22.11.2019 Formwork expert PASCHAL cooperates with Danish technology start-up
PASCHAL and Sensohive announce their partnership for the German market to further advance digitalisation and smart technologies in the construction industry.
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Tobias Ejersbo with Michael Stoevelbaek
20.11.2019 Canopy walkways are now very popular - just as popular as the formwork of their lift shafts with support from PASCHAL. This time, the lift and observation tower rises 44 metres up into the sky
With the current project, the name says it all – a 44-metre-high reinforced concrete structure as a massive anchoring point and barrier-free access to the “Heidehimmel” (which translates as the heather heavens) canopy walkway at the Lüneburger Heide wildlife park in Hanstedt Nindorf, Germany.
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Reinforced concrete tower
08.11.2019 now in use
The first formwork panels have now been delivered to the PASCHAL trading partner Elvermann Schaltechnik GmbH for testing.
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Delivery of the new formwork system
04.11.2019 PASCHAL for the 2nd time at the Excon trade fair
At the Excon exhibition in Bangalore from the 10th to the 14th of December 2019, PASCHAL will present wall, column and slab formwork as well as new software applications.
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PASCHAL at Excon trade fair 2019
18.10.2019 The LTC is being developed on a construction site of more than 11,000 m² in Karlsruhe at a cost of more than 22 million euros
The harmoniously designed campus is being constructed with the constant collaboration of PASCHAL. LOGO.3, Modular formwork, Grip, TTR, PASCHAL-Deck and the new lateral protection system are being deployed for this purpose.
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LTC in Karlsruhe

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