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26.10.2021 Circular reinforced concrete constructions for biogas plants formed quickly and safely with PASCHAL
In the Swiss village of Steckborn, two circular constructions were completed by Stutz AG using a combination of TTK – circular trapezoidal girder formwork with clamp connection and Multip, the multi-functional work platform.
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Biogas plant in Steckborn
18.10.2021 NeoR lightweight formwork expanded to include new accessories
To make handling the new NeoR lightweight formwork even easier, PASCHAL is expanding the product portfolio with four new accessories.
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NeoR transportation angle for 12 panels
16.09.2021 PASCHAL needed twice for the B34 bypass
According to the Project Information System (PRINS), the B34 bypass is part of the German Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 and, based on the calculation data from 2014, is estimated at 12.5 million euros.
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Construction work on B 34 bypass
09.09.2021 The multifunctional connecting piece of the LOGO range: the LOGO multi clamp
With the 0-20 cm adjustable LOGO multi clamp, PASCHAL has designed yet another versatile connecting piece for the LOGO formwork range.
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The new LOGO multi clamp 0-20 cm
23.08.2021 A simple formwork solution for slender and extremely high reinforced concrete columns
Column formwork using the LOGO system for a warehouse, for when it needs to be good, quick and cost-effective.
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Reinforced concrete columns formed with LOGO.3

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