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02.01.2019 Sewage treatment plant modernisation in Seesen with support from PASCHAL
With two formwork systems - TTR Circular Trapezoidal Girder Formwork and the LOGO.3 - supplied by PASCHAL, the sewage treatment plant in Seesen, Harz, is being expanded and also optimised in order to reduce the energy requirements by around 102,000 kWh per year.
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Circular formwork used for sewage treatment plant modernisation
03.12.2018 PASCHAL is appearing for the 4th time at the bC India international trade exhibition
At the bC India exhibition in Gurgaon/Delhi from the 11 to the 14 December 2018, PASCHAL will present its innovative formwork solutions.
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PASCHAL at bC India 2018
15.11.2018 Reinforced concrete structures for a footbridge measuring about 98 meters in length have been constructed using PASCHAL formwork.
The Haguenau footbridge rests on 4 piers and 2 abutments of reinforced concrete, built using PASCHAL formwork systems.
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Footbridge of Hagenau
08.11.2018 PPL 11.0 – the BIM-capable software for efficient and transparent processes in formwork planning
Modern formwork planning software such as PPL 11.0 supports communication between everyone involved in the project by presenting the planning results in 3D. At the same time, the software ensures that planning requirements are quickly and reliably implemented, even for complex projects.
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Lothar Riebesell, employee in the special field of formwork systems at Hahn Schalung.
22.10.2018 Formwork systems from PASCHAL used for the fair-faced concrete tower at the emergency centre in Cernay-Wittelsheim.
The approximately 25 m high fair-faced concrete tower was built by Scherberich S.A. in 8 concreting cycles, with support from PASCHAL.
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fair-faced concrete tower

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