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The "fingerprint" for your formwork using RFID technology

Scanvorgang PASCHAL Ident

PASCHAL Ident technology gives each fitted formwork panel an electronic number and hence provides an identity that cannot be changed, similar to the human fingerprint. This ensures unique and unmistakeable identification. This is a requirement for it to be able to serve as security for leasing or other credit.

The RFID technology is based on three components: A transponder (a computer chip with antenna and cover, no larger than a 5 cent piece), a reading device (that connects with the transponder contact-free via induction) and the software that comes with the reading device (and is contained in it). The data from the formwork panels are transmitted online from the reading device to the PC or online portal. The user can identify and plan their panels at all times.

This technology is being introduced into formwork technology with PASCHAL Ident. In contrast to barcodes, spots of paint or other tags, PASCHAL Ident is integrated into the system and is resistant against damage on the construction site. It is now generally possible to finance formwork via leasing thanks to this flawless identification. Establishing and managing a modern selection of formwork is now easier than ever before!

Benefits of using RFID technology

RFID offers companies improved inventory management, increased transparency in production, lower warehouse storage costs and simplified plant management.

  • You can automatically monitor your goods inventories and plants using RFID. This saves time and personnel-intensive counts. Furthermore, RFID can also be used for merchandise protection and can thus provide companies with greater protection against loss and write-downs.
  • The maintenance and management of plants is simplified by the use of RFID transponders. This makes maintenance processes more transparent, reduces maintenance costs and increase plant security. Legal regulations and requirements and maintenance cycles can be better monitored.
  • Every object that has been fitted with an RFID transponder has a unique identity. This ensures that goods can be tracked along the entire supply chain and further optimises traceability. Legal requirements can be better complied with.

Formwork panels with PASCHAL Ident

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