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Multi-functional Working Platform

  • Formwork and scaffolding is delivered to site preassembled
  • No additional installation of individual service-brackets, covers and guard rails
  • Time saving due to folding mechanism
  • Full compliance with all building code requirements (BGR 187)
  • Safe workplaces allow quicker operation of accessory parts, like connection parts and ties
  • Significantly longer lifespan, than traditional wood covering
 multi-functional working platform Multip

Multi-functional Working Platform Multip mounted on formwork LOGO.3

The multi-functional working platform with highest safety standards

Technical Data
Platform width  LOGO.3 72 cm; 
  Trapezoidal girder formwork 85 cm 
Platform length  LOGO.3 240/135 cm 
  Trapezoidal girder formwork external 238 cm, 
  internal 210 cm (D ≥ 7,00 m) 
Adm. load  2,0 kN/m² 

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Site reports

The highest safety class according to DIN EN 12811-1

Sotravest S.A.S. F-Oberbronn

"Through good planning, and using the right formwork, you can gain quite a lot of time."

Rémy Forrler,
senior site foreman

Formwork Manual