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Your advantage!

How is PASCHAL different from other formwork suppliers?

On the one hand, we offer comprehensive solutions, including the minutest planning and formwork details. Those little 'gap fillers' (additional formwork) up to 20cm in length, which generally do not appear in any tender document, but are nevertheless every day stop-gaps on many building sites, are never needed when PASCHAL is on-site. We use system integrated compensation elements instead, to close any gaps quickly and cost-effectively. The time and material saved in this manner, contributes significantly towards optimised forming times, and therefore the success of your constructions. 

The extraordinary lifetime of PASCHAL formwork bear testament to their extraordinary product quality. We know of some formwork elements that have been deployed a couple of thousand times, and are still going strong.

You will also notice differences when you contact your competent PASCHAL specialist adviser. They will be interested in your long-term satisfaction. Your project is also their project.

The purchase of a PASCHAL product will start a long-term and successful partnership. Even apparently small things are of great benefit to our customers. This is our goal!

Benefitting you is our motivation

Our project teams, which are put together in accordance with you particular requirements, provide the best possible solutions for construction sites of all sizes, participate in their successful realisation, and are always available to support you with help and advice.

These teams are made up of specialists from all our departments, and are in charge of optimising processes in all areas from the planning and production of a Custom formwork, to its actual deployment at a construction site.

All products, services, and support provided by our staff, are adapted to your particular project requirements.

You will have the right product available to you at the right time, and with the right kind of support.