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Occupational safety

Safe, quick and cost-effective formwork and concreting with systems from PASCHAL

Only when the workplace is secure can work be carried out quickly, correctly and therefore efficiently.
All PASCHAL systems for occupational safety therefore guarantee the three following safety characteristics:

  • A safe work place at the upper end of the formwork
  • Safe work levels
  • Safe ascents and descents


Lateral protection system Secuset

With the Secuset lateral protection system, PASCHAL is offering a reliable and universal solution for occupational safety in workplaces – for formwork, but also for many other trades associated with building shells or development. The central component of the system is a railing post, which can be used in conjunction with a variety of connecting pieces for almost unlimited applications.

Multi-functional working platform Multip

Multip, the multi-functional working platform from PASCHAL, fulfils the most stringent safety standards and increases formwork and concreting efficiency. Assembly is performed quickly and easily with the formwork panel lying on the ground and therefore hazardous situations are reduced considerably. After the Multip has been secured to the formwork, the system merely needs to be unfolded.

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