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Precise knowledge of concrete curing

Optimise your concreting process with intelligent real-time monitoring!

During the concreting process, those involved face many challenges. A lack of real-time insight into the concrete maturity status, time-consuming data acquisition and processing as well as error-prone samples prevent a swift and smooth concreting process.

PASCHAL Maturix is the solution for this! An intelligent analysis of the concrete strength is carried out by means of wireless radio transmitters – this allows both improved planning and real-time monitoring independent of location and time.

Our free whitepaper gives you an overview of the most important advantages of PASCHAL Maturix and offers exciting information about the concrete monitoring system.

Let us convince you of PASCHAL Maturix!

 Improved predictability: Intelligent real-time analysis of concrete strength and curing time - this not only saves time and money, but enables optimised cycle planning and material utilisation.

 Location-independent data acquisition: Wireless transmitters, the world's leading IoT network Sigfox and our online platform enable the measurement results to be tracked at any time and from any place.

 Automatic documentation: The administrative effort is significantly reduced thanks to the analyses and the recorded digital documentation of measurement results.