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Formwork accessories

PASCHAL accessories for the entire formwork process

With PASCHAL, you will find everything you need for the formwork process: appropriate accessories for your high-quality formwork, consumable materials, as well as useful supplementary products.

PASCHAL provides a comprehensive range of adjustable props and supports for securing different formwork systems and high quality materials for cleaning and maintaining the formwork. PVC consumables and formwork spacers as well as other formwork accessories are also a part of our complete product range.

PASCHAL will provide you with assistance and support when selecting the appropriate products and is therefore your reliable partner for everything from forming through to dismantling!


Formwork oil

Abstützungen, Zubehörteile, Verbrauchsmaterial
Supports &
consumption material

High quality PASCHAL plywood panels made from birch plywood

Our PASCHAL plywood panels, made of multi-layered Nordic birch plywood, impress due to their high quality and considerably longer service life compared to cheaper plywood panels.

Formwork oil for demanding concrete surfaces

Using parting compounds ensures clean dismantling from concrete surfaces without causing any damage to sensitive points. Furthermore, formwork oil also protects the formwork against damage and poor weather.

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