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04.09.2019 PASCHAL has introduced prototype for the one-sided formwork anchor system at bauma 2019
PASCHAL was introducing an innovative formwork solution with tie rods to be operated from one side at the bauma 2019. The new system offers customers all the advantages of one-sided tie rods.
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03.09.2019 The new multi-waler – a lightweight
The formwork expert, PASCHAL, presented the new multi-waler at bauma 2019, which can be used as an extension post and as universal waling.
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The new multi-waler from PASCHAL
20.08.2019 Ideas and plans become reality with the PASCHAL AR app
In order to optimise processes surrounding formwork planning, alongside BIM, PASCHAL also relies on augmented reality (AR).
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PASCHAL AR app on construction site
29.07.2019 Intelligent concrete monitoring in real time with PASCHAL Maturix™
Thanks to real-time monitoring, PASCHAL Maturix™ facilitates the efficient concreting process and, at the same, time provides well-founded evaluations.
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25.07.2019 Reliable lateral protection with PASCHAL-Secuset
Occupational safety on construction sites has the highest priority! The professional lateral protection system from PASCHAL complies with the latest safety standard DIN EN 13374, thus making a significant contribution to smooth and safe construction workflows. Thanks to its ease of use, the lateral protection system can be installed safely and efficiently.
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The new lateral protection system Secuset from PASCHAL

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