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21.06.2022 PASCHAL Maturix impresses in the production of pre-fabricated components
Hentschke Bau GmbH relies on the PASCHAL Maturix concrete monitoring system during the production of pre-fabricated components, in order to concrete faster and further improve quality monitoring.
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Case with sensor
24.05.2022 Yet again, PASCHAL demonstrates total formwork expertise with the very latest of wind power systems
Very soon, two of the latest 6 MW generation of wind turbines will start operating at the Nortorf II wind farm. PASCHAL’s TTR trapezoidal girder formwork was used in their construction.
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Nortorf II wind farm
11.05.2022 Consistent formwork concept for West Fire Station
For the construction of the new West Fire Station in Lahr with high-quality exposed concrete surfaces, the lead contractor relied on PASCHAL's expertise with formwork.
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Construction of the new West Fire Station in Lahr
25.04.2022 Modular/GE universal formwork helps provide drinking water
The tried and tested PASCHAL Modular/GE universal formwork has been used to build a water container in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
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Construction of a water container
13.04.2022 Railway Megaproject in Sweden
LOGO.3, the LOGO wall formwork with steel facing from PASCHAL-Danmark A/S was supplied for several sections of the European railway megaproject in Sweden.
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Railway Megaproject in Sweden

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