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11.02.2020 Renovation and expansion of the lock for 110 metre long ships
During the renovation of the lock chamber in Lauffen am Neckar in Germany, PASCHAL demonstrated once again that the motto “Efficiency in combination with formwork, software and services” is implemented in a practical manner.
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Renovation of the lock chamber in Lauffen
27.01.2020 PASCHAL’s new webshop goes online
Now even more informative and modern, as well as "responsive" of course – the relaunch of PASCHAL’s webshop ( offers both visual and technological changes and fresh content.
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PASCHAL webshop on mobile devices
20.01.2020 Achieve more with LOGO.3 – with integrated clamp mounting
Since February 2019 all large-size and midi panels of the LOGO.3 formwork have been equipped with clamp mountings for the LOGO wedge clamps.
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LOGO.3 panels with clamp mounting
14.01.2020 The charm offensive at Riebeckplatz in Halle, Germany, is brought into shape with PASCHAL's LOGO.3
Supported by PASCHAL, the hotel landscape in the Saalekreis will become attractively versatile.
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Construction of a new hotel in Halle
17.12.2019 Atmospheric end-of-year celebrations at PASCHAL's headquarters in Steinach
As part of its pre-Christmas celebrations, the PASCHAL Group honoured its long-serving and retiring employees.
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Distinction of PASCHAL employees

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