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20.11.2020 Conservation of species and preservation of historic buildings combined with regenerative energy generation
The conservation of species and preservation of historic buildings is being combined with regenerative energy generation at the weir system in Kirschbaumwasen in Germany. The construction work is being carried out by Schleith GmbH construction company with intensive support from PASCHAL.
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Renovation and modernisation of the Kirschbaumwasen weir system
06.11.2020 Everything is progressing precisely in the construction of the new terminal in Frankfurt with Circular column formwork from PASCHAL
The plan is for the first departure gate for the new terminal to be put into operation in 2021. 300,000 m³ of concrete, 72,500 t of structural steel and 11,500 m² of glass facade will be installed by then.
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In-situ concrete columns formed with PASCHAL
02.11.2020 Big PASCHAL competition with great prizes
Become a PASCHAL follower now and win! Just in time for the NeoR market launch, all participants have the chance to get a brand new NeoR starter package.
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Big PASCHAL competition
23.10.2020 Well equipped for the future with your own formwork collection
Right from the start, company owner Matthias Ziser decided to invest in his own formwork collection in order to ensure maximum cost effectiveness both now and in the future.
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Company owner Ziser Bau: Matthias Ziser
13.10.2020 PASCHAL Maturix accelerates construction of the Bagsværd bridge
Saving time & money couldn't be easier: Scheduled project durations can be cut by half thanks to PASCHAL Maturix.
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Bagsværd bridge

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