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Efficient and reliable formwork planning with PASCHAL

As a PASCHAL customer, you can benefit from our extensive experience and first-rate advice. The aim of PASCHAL is to provide our clients with the most efficient formwork solution.

We will find the best formwork plan for every project!

Ask PASCHAL to make professionally optimised formwork plans or a 3D formwork plan

Experts from our application engineering department will draw up project-specific formwork plans for your project in order to find the solution that is the quickest, uses the least materials and is also the most aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and simple in accordance with your requirements. By means of close cooperation with the PASCHAL custom formwork division and the construction department, we produce solutions with which we can also cover areas outside the standard system components.
In addition to giving you an optimised formwork plan, phasing plans and material lists, the PASCHAL application engineering department will also provide you with any static calculations required for the use of formwork and shoring.

Drawing automatic formwork plans in 3D with PPL 12.0 software

PPL 12.0 makes a formwork plan automatically

PPL 12.0 is BIM-ready formwork planning software for effective work preparation that has been developed by PASCHAL / planitec.
PPL 12.0 reads available layouts and automatically creates 3D models of formwork plans. This model can be used to produce sections and views of all wall surfaces in the desired display level. The PPL drawings are used effectively at Haas + Haas: "We come back on the formwork plans to discuss important details such as phasing with the foreman in the office. This allows us to clarify any ambiguities in advance, which is far more effective than having to deal with questions when our materials are already at the construction site", says Jan Haas, Managing Director of Haas & Haas GmbH.

Request information on formwork planning

Do you need help in producing formwork plans, or would you like to request further information on PPL formwork planning software? We would be delighted to advise you. Please contact us by:

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