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Modular/GE universal formwork helps provide drinking water

The tried and tested PASCHAL Modular/GE universal formwork has been used to build a water container in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

SAGUAPAC is a non-profit cooperative for drinking water and basic sanitation. The construction of the EBAP NORTE pump station should ensure that Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) has reliable access to drinking water.
This work is completely funded from SAGUAPAC's own resources and includes, among other things, the construction of a reinforced concrete tank to store drinking water.

The leading construction company, Ribea & Serrate Construcciones Y Servicios S.R.L, is using PASCHAL's Modular/GE universal formwork to build the water container.

Water tank made from reinforced concrete

Initial construction work started in October 2020 and the structural work was carried out from mid-February to mid-August 2021.

The rectangular-shaped container, made of reinforced concrete, measures 35 m lengthwise by 36 m widthwise, forming a surface area of around 1,300 m². All the required wall surfaces were formed using the Modular/GE universal formwork. Around 450 m² of formwork material was used overall, as provided by PASCHAL's trade partner Armaq Ltda.
PASCHAL itself carried out the formwork planning for the water tank, which enabled a particularly economical pace.

Formwork for reinforced concrete tank

The reinforced concrete tank has a surface area of around 1,300 m² and will be used to store drinking water for the area of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Modular/GE universal formwork: versatile and flexible

The main reason the construction company chose the Modular/GE universal formwork was its well-balanced range of panels, which meant that the formwork could be perfectly adapted to the given dimensions.
Another advantage for the client was its impressive durability. The Modular formwork's robust and easy-to-repair steel frame is made from a huge, 6 mm thick piece of flat steel, into which is inserted a 15 mm thick, 11-layered plywood panel made of Finnish birch coated in resin. The formwork panels are impressive because of their long service life, resulting in a high frequency of use whilst maintaining a low panel weight.

It was also possible to construct the walls with a smooth surface of the appropriate quality thanks to the use of the Modular/GE universal formwork.

Modular/GE universal formworkThanks to the well-rounded range of panels, the formwork panels were able to be perfectly adapted to the measurements required.

Construction company convinced by formwork

The leading construction company is greatly satisfied with the efficiency of the formwork system, as well as the quality of the concrete components.

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