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Three PASCHAL systems at a large industrial construction site

A new building costing €22 million is being constructed to enable production operations for Plastics & Pharmaceuticals to be relocated

Even on big projects with high time pressure and great requirements for concrete, PASCHAL systems perform their duties to complete satisfaction.
PASCHAL’s regular customer, Ernst-Späth-Bau GmbH, is therefore committed to the use of the LOGO.3 formwork system, in combination with the foldable climbing platform KBK 180 and the GASS aluminium shoring system.

industrial construction site
PASCHAL systems ensure reliable, on-schedule completion, even in large-scale projects. Reinforced concrete work and steel construction work were completed in parallel operations during the new-build project for Braunform GmbH in Endingen.

Strategic expansion

To meet its growth demands, Braunform GmbH is relocating its Plastics & Pharmaceuticals production operations, including the associated clean room. To achieve this, an impressive new building is currently being constructed on the 9 hectare site in Endingen at a cost of roughly €22 million.

Ernst-Späth-Bau GmbH, a local company with a strong, long-standing tradition, is responsible for constructing the body shell and handling the multi-faceted work involving steel-reinforced concrete.
Even though construction work on the new building, with a total surface area of about 10,000 square metres, only started in the summer of 2014, work on the body shell will be complete by the end of March 2015, meaning that the next parts of the structure can also be completed on schedule, culminating in the final inspection and handover, again on schedule, at the end of 2015.

Reliable systems

On the basis of the good experience gained with PASCHAL systems, the construction company Ernst-Späth-Bau is naturally also using PASCHAL systems for body shell construction of Braunform GmbH. However, since the actual formwork is being used at other construction sites where work is running parallel to this site, Christoff Späth decided to rent the additional PASCHAL systems he needed for most of the work. However, in order to continue extending his in-house capacity for formwork systems on an on-going basis, he started by purchasing 90-series LOGO.3 aluminium elements with inner tie points for this big construction site. They were taken to extend the LOGO.3 large surface area elements and could also be used as formwork for the foundations.

About 3000 m³ of concrete in barely 4 months

Reinforced concrete is the principal material employed in the new-build for the future Plastics & Pharmaceuticals production facility.
Due to the structural dimensions required, reinforced concrete walls had to be cast up to a height of 8.60 metres and then to be poured. This involved the use of a total of 385 square metres of LOGO.3 in dimensions of 270 x 340 cm in a combination of vertical and horizontal units and supplemented by the 90-series aluminium elements where necessary.
In this project, the working and climbing platform KBK 180 was employed for greater heights.   

panel combination LOGO.3 (270 x 340 cm), supplemented with 90-series LOGO.3 aluminium elements
Complete 9.00 metre wall height casted with panel combination LOGO.3 (270 x 340 cm), supplemented with 90-series LOGO.3 aluminium elements (90 x 270 cm)

Reinforced concrete wall structures up to a height of 8.60 metres

The wall panels were cast in heights from 3.50 m to 8.60 m. The wall thickness measures up to 50 cm. Nonetheless, the walls were then concreted in a single operation.
During the rapid concreting operations, senior foreman Georges Metz and foreman Matthias Ziser relied entirely on the LOGO.3 and the GASS shoring system.
After dismantling, the finished result was so good in terms of dimensional integrity and surface quality that no additional plaster needed to be applied to the wall surfaces.
Both foreman, Metz and Ziser, agree that their craftsmanship skills were only partially responsible for this great result, and that the combination of LOGO.3 and GASS also had a large part to play in achieving this outcome: LOGO.3 is rated in accordance with DIN 18218 for a fresh concrete pressure of up to 70 kN/m² while the GASS legs is rated for a load of up to 140 kN – making it the ‘strongest shoring system’.

Planning and executing of the formwork made it possible to cast in their entirety the wall sections with integrated stiffening columns in the system, without the need for any on-site manufacture of fitting parts.

Effective prevention

The KBK 180 climbing platform, compatible with all PASCHAL formwork systems, is the practical and useful ‘guardian angel’ for work carried out at great heights from which falls could be fatal. The working and climbing platform is supplied to the construction site in assembled condition and can be made ready for use quickly and easily.

LOGO.3 combined with foldable climbing platform KBKTeamwork for great heights during work on large surface formwork LOGO.3 in combination with the foldable climbing platform.

Service and guidance

The regular customer Ernst-Späth-Bau GmbH drew on the know-how of PASCHAL for the planning of its formwork, the use of materials, the specified timings, calculation of the shoring system and for compliance with health & safety at work stipulations. The design department at the PASCHAL plant in Steinach supported the construction company, using PASCHAL-Plan pro software in this process.

Formwork planning and work preparation

During the formwork planning, the professionals from PASCHAL also focused on minimal use of materials to assure compliance with logistics and transparency objectives, and to reduce the volume of consumables involved by as much as possible.
The formwork for the structural work at ground floor and upper floor levels was held available at the con-struction site in Endingen. The surface areas of these two storeys amount to over 1000 m². The ground floor measured 6.75 m in height.

LOGO.3 was also used together with perforated foundation tie and tie clamps for casting the foundations.
To construct the reinforced structural concrete components, the new Logo platform brackets were planned in. Those brackets guarantee an independent assembly of the closing formwork part with consideration of the admissible loads for the foldable climbing platform (KBK).

In Endingen the KBK was simply used as a working platform because the entire weight of the closing formwork was being exerted on the brackets. That made it possible to work cost-effectively, even in the upper storey with a formwork height of 590 cm.

a superlative concrete surface
The desired outcome after the formwork was removed: a dimensionally accurate concrete construction with a superlative concrete surface.
The foldable working platform is in operation to prepare the next pouring section.

GASS aluminium shoring system in operation
The GASS aluminium shoring system in operation, for supporting the slab formwork. The support height in this section of the building is 5.85 m.

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Senior foreman Georges Metz

Foreman Matthias Ziser

Senior foreman Georges Metz (top photo) and his foreman colleague Matthias Ziser are satisfied with the timing and technical progress of this building.

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