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Everything is progressing precisely in the construction of the new terminal in Frankfurt with Circular column formwork from PASCHAL

The plan is for the first departure gate for the new terminal to be put into operation in 2021. 300,000 m³ of concrete, 72,500 t of structural steel and 11,500 m² of glass facade will be installed by then.

The Lupp Group of Companies has been constructing the building shell for pier G on behalf of Fraport AG since May 2019.
The first section of the building should be finished in August 2021, a good two years before the two other departure gates of Terminal 3. The floor surface area is estimated at 22,000 m² and will accommodate 11 check-in counters and 13 gates.

In-situ concrete columns with support brackets at the Frankfurt airport
In-situ concrete columns with support brackets, assembled with PASCHAL formwork with the quality of precast parts: Columns D = 70 cm with two support brackets and positioned reinforced concrete precast girders.

Pier G will be able to relieve the load on terminals 1 and 2 when it is finished in 2021 and will initially be able to provide space for four to five millions passengers a year. The capacity will increase to around six to seven million passengers when it is fully completed. The new departure gate has been designed for lean processes and will enable passengers to reach their flights directly in a fast and easy manner. It will be constructed as a fully-functional terminal building and will be optimally incorporated into the Frankfurt Airport hub.

The building shell - an almost 100% reinforced concrete design

The contractors, Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KG AV/BL, were not able to find a precast reinforced concrete factory for the production of the different circular columns with numerous support bracket versions despite searching all over Germany, and they therefore got in contact with PASCHAL.
The formwork specialists from Steinach, Germany then designed and produced circular column formwork combined with support brackets, inlays and base extensions for the Lupp Group of Companies. The individual formwork panels can be combined with each other to form all of the column dimensions, column shapes and support structures efficiently and with as few formwork panels as possible. For example, a circular column with one support bracket can be formed by adding a half-shell for a circular column with two support brackets.

Special column formworkDesign drawing of special formwork
From construction specialists for construction companies. From the formwork planning and design, via in-house production, creation of the formwork, concreting and dismantling, a perfectly shaped end result.

The first project and immediately a great success

Lupp relied on the formwork, work preparation and formwork planning from PASCHAL for the first time and the company is completely satisfied with the result in every sense of the word.
PASCHAL is always on the contractor's side, even for tricky formwork tasks, and they have dealt with every enquiry that they have received using their successful steel specialised formwork structures. The same is true for the new construction of pier G in Terminal 3 in Frankfurt.

Stripping out the formwork
Practical formwork panels simplify building construction, are safe and easy to handle and are the basis for a perfect work result.

Project Manager Nando Ragusa and Senior Foreman Uwe Mayer affirmed the smooth collaboration. The results that had been achieved were praised explicitly in the joint on-site meeting at the end of February 2020 with the management of Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KG AV/BL. The Lupp Group of Companies management is also extremely satisfied with the collaboration and the results that have been achieved.

Masterful detailed solutions

Even if it is not spectacular at first glance, when it is observed in detail, it quickly becomes clear that the gifted formwork experts have worked intelligently for the contractor and have enabled the production of individual column dimensions and column shapes with few circular formwork panels, special components and formwork inlays.
In total, 264 reinforced concrete columns with differing column heights of up to 9.00 m with column cross-sections of D = 60, 70 and 80 cm were built using PASCHAL formwork. Each column is assembled together with the support bracket and base and concreted in one step.

Stripped out concrete columnA "sea of columns" for pier G in Terminal 3 of Frankfurt Airport. Assembled, concreted, vibrated, dismantled and a perfect end result in just one step.

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