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PASCHAL Maturix accelerates construction of the Bagsværd bridge

Saving time & money couldn't be easier: Scheduled project durations can be cut by half thanks to PASCHAL Maturix.

PASCHAL Maturix, the system for intelligent concrete monitoring, has been used successfully for many years in Denmark.

In order to build a curved reinforced concrete bridge in the Danish town Bagsværd, the lead contractor Zacho-Lind A/S cooperated with PASCHAL Danmark A/S so as to test the numerous advantages of PASCHAL Maturix when used on site.

Monitoring in real time

Special attention must be paid to the curing process of bridges as this is influenced strongly by external factors such as wind, weather or heating sources.
The formwork on concreted bridges may only be removed once the concrete is sufficiently hard because the bridge can only bear the resulting loads independently once a certain degree of strength has been achieved.

Curved reinforced concrete bridge
The intelligent concrete monitoring system PASCHAL Maturix made it possible to complete the curved reinforced concrete bridge in Bagsværd quicker than planned.

Zacho-Lind decided to use the intelligent concrete monitoring system PASCHAL Maturix to optimize this concreting process. The wireless Maturix sensors provide a direct insight into the concrete structure's curing process on site.

The sensors were installed at three positions (centre, edge and joint) to monitor the strength development in real-time.
Temperature development and the estimated strength based on the measurements from the sensors can be tracked in real-time with the web-based software. Additional software features such as automatic documentation and alarm settings guarantee a continuous overview of everything happening on the site.

Time savings of up to 50%

Having the real-time insight into the concrete curing process enabled Zacho-Lind to plan better, act according to data and, in the end, remove the formwork faster to save time and money. The ideal point in time to dismantle the formwork, while ensuring safety, was determined using the valid data.
The measurements here showed that the formwork could be removed after 7 days instead of the anticipated 14 days. The huge time saving resulted in drastic savings in terms of rental costs for construction equipment and, in turn, greater customer satisfaction.

chart showing temperature development and concrete strength
The PASCHAL Maturix software indicates temperature development and concrete strength in real time.

Improved profitability thanks to PASCHAL Maturix

The concrete monitoring system PASCHAL Maturix can be used for all sizes and projects, and is particularly well suited to complex and critical structures such as infrastructure (bridges, sewage ducts etc.) as well as high-rise apartment buildings where profitability can be improved considerably by means of efficient planning.

PASCHAL Maturix suitcase
PASCHAL Maturix is the perfect tool for optimizing the concreting process.

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