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Atmospheric end-of-year celebrations at PASCHAL's headquarters in Steinach

As part of its pre-Christmas celebrations, the PASCHAL Group honoured its long-serving and retiring employees.

PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH's end-of-year cel-ebrations were held in Steinach on Friday, 6th December 2019. The company's management team invited the entire workforce and retired employees from the PASCHAL plant, B. R. Vetter Verpachtung and the IT affiliated company planitec to the beautifully decorated company canteen for the annual Christmas party.

In addition to a review of the year, the agenda for the evening also included a tribute to long-serving employees and a farewell to retiring employees.

Well-filled order books for 2019

Michael Stoevelbaek, who was appointed the new Managing Director of PASCHAL at the beginning of 2019, gave the opening address this year for the very first time. "It is a great honour for me to open this year's celebrations as Managing Director and I am delighted that so many current and past employees are present," explained Michael Stoevelbaek.
During his address, Michael Stoevelbaek looked back briefly on the successful bauma year 2019 which, once again, was characterised for PASCHAL by the positive growth figures and full order books for the construction sector. Thanks to the commitment of the staff, we again achieved a satisfactory result this year. Michael Stoevelbaek thanked the entire workforce for their dedication to the company. As a further acknowledgement of this, all staff were given an additional bonus at the end of the year.

PASCHAL honours its hard-working employees

HR Manager Roswitha Decker and the Commercial Director Helmut Ille together with Michael Stoevelbaek, company owner Barbara R. Vetter and the Chairman of the Works Council Hans-Peter Steiner stressed their gratitude to PASCHAL's 15 celebratees.

Gottfried Neumaier was acknowledged for his 40 years of loyal service to the company. He was employed as a truck driver both in Germany and abroad and retired on 30.11.2019.
Joachim Huber was also honoured for his 40 years of service. Since joining the company, he has been responsible for the mail service and the management of office supplies.
The mayor of the municipality of Steinach, Nicolai Bischler, presented the two employees an honorary certificate from the state of Baden-Württemberg for their services.
This year Margarete Jägle was also honoured for her exceptional length of service of 45 years. She has worked as a commercial clerk in the accounting department since 01.08.1974.

Gottfried Neumaier and Joachim Huber together with Michael Stoevelbaek and Nicolai Bischler
Distinguished for 40 years of service to PASCHAL: Gottfried Neumaier and Joachim Huber together with PASCHAL's Managing Director Michael Stoevelbaek and Steinacher's Mayor Nicolai Bischler (from right to left).

The following employees were also acknowledged for their many years of service:

10 years of service to PASCHAL
Sergej Winter

20 years of service to PASCHAL
Roland Künstle
Agnes Daull
Axel Schliewert
Werner Schöner
Alfred Schweitzer

25 years of service to PASCHAL
Heiko Weiss
Christian Bordier

30 years of service to PASCHAL
Luise Dold
Georg Stadler
Hermann Schneider

35 years of service to PASCHAL
Klaus Buchholz

40 years of service to PASCHAL
Gottfried Neumaier
Joachim Huber

45 years of service to PASCHAL
Margarete Jägle

Retirement farewells

We said farewell and took the opportunity to express our gratitude for their many years of committed service to the employees who retired in 2019. We would like to wish them all the very best for the future.

Among those who retired this year was the company's owner Barbara R. Vetter, who stepped down as Managing Director in the middle of the year.
To mark this special occasion, Barbara R. Vetter presented the milestones of the past 25 years and also looked forward to the milestones planned for the near future, including the renovation of the yard areas.

"Many thanks for the great cooperation – I am able to look back on 25 rewarding and exciting years at PASCHAL." Barbara R. Vetter concluded her speech by expressing particular thanks to Michael Stoevelbaek for the spirit he has shown in assuming the role of Managing Director.

The following employees left the company for their well-earned retirement:
Franz Rapp
Dieter Wurth
Klaus Zimmermann
Franz Klausmann
Gottfried Neumaier
Barbara R. Vetter

Group photo
This year's PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH's celebratees with the company's owner Barbara R. Vetter (far left), Managing Director Michael Stoevelbaek (far right), Commercial Director Helmut Ille (fifth from right), HR Manager Roswitha Decker (seventh from right) and the Chairman of the Works Council Hans-Peter Steiner (second from right).

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