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PASCHAL stands for sustainability and will be presenting “Efficiency in Combination” with formwork, software and services at bauma 2019

It’s back in April 2019: The largest construction trade fair in the world will once again open its doors in Munich, Germany. Formwork and shoring expert PASCHAL will be presenting its innovative and customer-oriented formwork solutions in its approx. 1,000-m² exhibition space.

As is traditional, PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH will be represented at bauma 2019 as a formwork and shoring expert. This year, visitors can expect to find both a new location and a revised, modern concept for the stand.

Open the "door to the formwork world" and experience the comprehensive PASCHAL product range at close quarters - with the numerous outdoor area exhibits:

Achieve more with LOGO.3 and LOGO alu

PASCHAL LOGO.3 is the centre-point of bauma 2019. Large panels, a small number of connecting pieces and simple handling enable quick and economic formwork with this system. Furthermore, thanks to the large-size panels with a formwork height of 340 cm and continuous plywood, LOGO.3 is ideally suited for exposed concrete and industrial construction. Additional advantage: The solid flat steel frame and high-quality processing give the LOGO.3 wall formwork one of the longest service lives on the market. PASCHAL stands for sustainability.

In the LOGO corner "Wünsch dir was" (make a wish), the classic LOGO.3 panels will be displayed alongside LOGO.S with its steel facing and platform brackets with guard rail posts for special areas of application and LOGO alu manual formwork. As the lightweight formwork with the aluminium frame can also be moved by hand, it is ideally suited for any construction site without a crane and for work in existing buildings.

The LOGO tie point-saver model will demonstrate to all visitors that no other formwork system can operate with so few tie points as LOGO.3 - saving you time, material costs and wage costs on construction sites.

PASCHAL will also take advantage of bauma 2019 to present a new prod-uct in the LOGO product range - the new multi waler for LOGO.3. This innovation can be used as an extension post or as a highly versatile waler. Advantage: its light weight.

The new multi-waler for LOGO.3
The new multi-waler for LOGO.3 can be used as an extension post and as waler.

Comprehensive occupational safety with PASCHAL

PASCHAL occupational safety systems provide both maximum occupational safety and maximum cost effectiveness, as their ideal handling and implementation options when pre-assembled ensure a fast and problem-free construction process. Alongside the LOGO concreting platform and the Multip multi-functional working platform for straight and circular wall formworks, PASCHAL will make use of bauma 2019 to present its new PASCHAL lateral protection that can be used for a range of different applications.

the new PASCHAL lateral protection system Secuset
For increased occupational safety on construction sites: the new PASCHAL lateral protection system Secuset, compliant with the EN 13374 safety standard.

Formwork at great heights

The PASCHAL anchoring system has been developed from practical experience and greatly simplifies working in the vertical axis at great heights. With the anchor cone, approved by the building authorities, PASCHAL can offer a unified anchoring system suitable for all climbing and platform systems: The 240 climbing system, 200 climbing installation, KBK 180 climbing platform, SPK 270 dam brackets and the PASCHAL lifting platform.

More than just an off-the-shelf formwork system

PASCHAL considers itself a pioneer in the market in terms of implementing customised formwork solutions. This is due to the specialised requirements such as formwork panels with customised dimensions.

 practically integrated supports for the storage of connecting pieces in the LOGO.3 formwork panels
PASCHAL can offer its customers a comprehensive formwork system product range and customised adaptations. Furthermore, the function rail has been equipped with practically integrated supports for the storage of connecting pieces in the formwork panels. All large LOGO.3 formwork panels have been equipped as standard with this since February 2019.

Discover the variety of the PASCHAL product range

Discover the variety of the PASCHAL product range:

  • Using systems to form concrete haunches or underground car park exits - with the continuously variable TTR/TTK/TTS circular formwork systems
  • Numerous efficient solutions for foundation areas with the LOGO and Modular formwork systems and Neorast
  • Circular and square column formwork for effective and economical concreting without concrete bleeding
  • The tried and tested PASCHAL Deck slab formwork with main and cross girder construction, H20 beams and slab props
  • LOGO.3 and Modular dismantling inside corner posts for particularly fast and simple forming and dismantling in shafts
  • Clamp mounting has been supplied as standard with all LOGO.3 large-size and midi panels since February 2019

Concrete monitoring in real time

PASCHAL is demonstrating PASCHAL maturix, intelligent concrete moni-toring in real time, at bauma 2019. Contractors can therefore have a complete overview of the concrete deep into the interior and have full control over the concrete structures while they are being built.
The PASCHAL maturix sensor solution provides real-time data about the temperature development of the concrete. Using this data, the strength development of the concrete can be determined and the actual level of concrete maturity can be read off.

maturix case with sensor
A small and robust case contains everything that is needed for intelligent real-time concrete monitoring.

Innovative formwork planning with BIM-compliant PPL 12.0 software

Software solutions for digital construction and planning are of fundamental importance to medium-sized enterprises today. With the fully automatic PASCHAL-Plan light 12.0 formwork planning software and its IFC4 inter-face, PASCHAL Group company planitec will offer customers a BIM-compliant software tool that can also be used for inventory control.

formwork planning with PPL 12.0
Formwork planning made easy - with the fully automatic PASCHAL-Plan light 12.0 formwork planning software. The new IFC interface also allows all relevant geometrical and formwork information to be exchanged with all BIM-compliant programs.

Forum at the exhibition stand

Inside, the new forum will provide sufficient space for interested visitors to experience the exciting features and qualities of PASCHAL products. We will feature daily expert presentations on a wide range of subjects:

10.30 a.m.   LOGO.3
11.15 a.m.   BIM in practice
12:00 p.m.  AR app + PPL 12.0
1.30 p.m.    Special steel formwork
2.15 p.m.    Circular formwork
3.00 p.m.    Occupational safety

"Concept Store"

In its "Concept Store", PASCHAL will present exciting product innovations, such as the newly developed AR app, which enables life-size 3D drawings to be displayed on any given surface using a smartphone or tablet.

Additional highlights are the new PASCHAL lightweight formwork and the LOGO.3 formwork with tie rods that can be operated from only one side.

PASCHAL is expanding its comprehensive formwork system product range with the lightweight formwork NeoR that only weighs around 30 kg/m² and which can, of course, be fully combined with all other PASCHAL systems.
Keybolts or a connecting clamp with length adjustment are used for the friction-locked connection. The oblong holes provided for this purpose in the panel frame allow an offset in height from panel to panel, which extends the number of possible applications. The stable and rugged framework structure is extra slim at just 7.5 cm to keep the weight and space requirements as low as possible. The PASCHAL lightweight formwork is nevertheless designed for a fresh concrete pressure of 50 kN/m².

the new lightweight formwork NeorastThe new PASCHAL lightweight formwork NeoR with its frame depth of 7.5 cm is slim, lightweight and robust. It is, of course, fully compatible with all PASCHAL systems.

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