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New NeoR multi-purpose panel offers an impressively wide range of possible uses

Likely to be the most versatile formwork panel of all, it is now also available for the NeoR lightweight formwork.

With the new multi-purpose panel of the NeoR lightweight formwork, the name says it all: Thanks to the additional perforated profiles, the multifunctional panel has a wide range of possible uses and, in addition to its classic use as wall formwork, can also be used for columns, 90° corners and end stops.
The NeoR locking screw DW12.5x160 ensures a secure and fast connection.
Due to the reinforced, 15 mm thick plywood, the multi-purpose panels have a fresh concrete pressure absorption of 60 kN/m².

The NeoR multi-purpose panels are available in the panel dimensions 60 x 90 cm and 60 x 150 cm.

Column formwork with NeoR multi-purpose panelsThe NeoR multi-purpose panel has multi-hole profiles in 5 cm gradation in the frame — so any support cross-section can be produced.

Flexible column formwork based on the windmill blade principle

The NeoR multi-purpose panels offer maximum variability in manufacturing concrete columns. Square and rectangular column cross-sections with an adjustment range from 20 cm to 50 cm and 5 cm gradation can be formed with four multi-purpose panels at a time.
The NeoR multi-purpose panels can be stacked to adjust the height of the formwork to the required concreting height. The horizontal connection at the panel joints is made with the keybolt.
In this way, column formwork with different dimensions can be erected in the shortest possible time with just a few lightweight panels.

Even increased surface requirements on the concrete edges are no problem. For this purpose, a sealing strip for sharp-edged corners or a chamfer angle for broken edges is mounted on the panel joint.

The necessary safety at work is ensured by the Grip tread, which can be used as a working platform for the column form in combination with the Grip attachment. For this purpose, the accessories have been expanded to include the NeoR Multi ladder attachment for aligning the ladder and the Grip attachment.
Supports, platform bracket clamps or crane attachments can also be attached directly to the panels as usual.

NeoR column formwork with Grip working platform
The Grip working platform ensures safe and time-saving work, as it can be implemented together with the NeoR column formwork when installed.

More than just column forms

In addition to its use as column form panels, the NeoR multi-purpose panel can also be used for the end stop or as frontal end formwork by mounting the multi-purpose panel to the adjacent NeoR formwork panels using locking screws. The hole grid in the multi-purpose panel uses 5 cm intervals, so that wall thicknesses can be set with the same spacing of 10 cm to 40 cm. In addition, implementation with the standard wall thickness of 24 cm is also possible.

The inside corner post and compensation panels are used together with the multi-purpose panel to form right angles. The multi-purpose panel is connected directly to the compensation panel via the integrated hole profiles by means of locking screws. In this way, wall thicknesses of 5 cm to 35 cm in 5 cm modular formwork and wall thicknesses of 24 cm can be easily implemented in the system.

Right angle and endstop formed with NeoR multi-purpose pane

With the NeoR multi-purpose panel, you are well equipped for formwork: In addition to column formwork, right angles and end stops can also be formed quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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