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A new multi-purpose hall in Durbach is taking shape with LOGO.3 from PASCHAL

Convertion of the old sports hall in Durbach into a modern multi-purpose facility

As in the past, the new hall will be used for sports activities by clubs, the St. Heinrich child daycare centre and the Staufenberg School as well as a venue for events.
The municipality of Durbach has commissioned Schätzle-Bau GmbH from Fischerbach to carry out the construction work for the project, which is expected to cost 4 million euros.

Construction of multi-pupose hall in Durbach with LOGO.3 formwork
The old sports hall is to be transformed into a modern multi-purpose facility for a child daycare centre, schools, clubs and as a venue for events.

According to Schätzle-Bau GmbH, the project is special because it involves partial demolition and retention of parts of the old building. For the concreting work, Schätzle-Bau is using LOGO.3 formwork from the Steinach-based company PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH. Both walls and foundations of the newly constructed sections are being formed using LOGO.3.

The LOGO.3 340x270cm large-size panels are also being used in the new multi-purpose facility to create S2 class exposed concrete walls. "LOGO.3 has proven itself in many ways within our company. The exposed concrete qualities of LOGO.3 large-size panels are excellent. In Durbach, we used panels fresh from the factory and the results were far above the quality required from the concrete", says Pirmin Schätzle, Managing Director of Schätzle-Bau GmbH.

LOGO.3 formwork with lateral protection system Secuset
The LOGO.3 340x270cm large-size panels in Durbach.

The hall, which was previously equipped with only one changing room, will include sufficient changing facilities, showers and toilet facilities. It will also have a new entrance with foyer. The kitchen area and the changing rooms are also to be equipped with separate entrances, and storage is to be expanded for sports equipment. Two staircases in the foyer will lead to a multi-purpose room, another foyer and storage rooms on the hall's upper floor.


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