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Transforming hydropower into electricity. As India expands its hydropower potential, PASCHAL is there to help.

The ongoing construction project, the “Lower Baitarani small Hydro power project, Odisha” in Keonjhar District needs about 50,000 m² of formwork. In this remote area, Modular universal formwork is used.

India is the seventh largest producer of electrical energy from hydropower and has built more dams to harness the power of water than any other country in the world. In order to develop this energy source further, a 24 MW hydroelectric power station with the project name "Lower Baitarani small Hydro power project, Odisha" is to be built near Singhanali Village, AnandpurTaluq in Keonjhar District with support from PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Modular universal formwork
With the Modular elements, formwork will be provided for over 50,000 m² to build another dam in India.

Casting of 50,000 m² of reinforced concrete by reusing the formwork 80 times

The Modular universal formwork from PASCHAL will be used to provide formwork for an area of about 50,000 m² of reinforced concrete. PASCHAL's customer, M / S. Baitarani Power Project Private Limited, is a subsidiary of the RPP Group and has purchased 630 m² of the flexible, rugged Modular elements for this purpose.
In order to be able to shutter the reinforced concrete structures with this quantity of formwork, the engineers at PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt. Ltd. analysed the construction drawings and prepared a suitable formwork concept in advance, including the formwork and cycle plan, so that the 630 m² of Modular formwork could be used in 80 cycles, an impressive testament to the durability of the Modular product.

Semi-rounded Modular Formwork
Shuttering height of up to 3.75 m reached with three element heights of 1.25 m each. The semi-rounded formwork unit was custom made by PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt. Ltd. for the construction company M / S. Baitarani Power Project Private Limited.

One formwork system for foundations, piers and lateral walls

The reinforced concrete structures of the dam include a dam wall, two lateral walls which converge in the manner of a funnel, and reinforced concrete pier structures rounded on both sides. The floodgate anchors are integrated into these as resilient U-shaped structures.
These pier structures are to be built with different dimensions and they vary in length from 10.50 m to 25.50 m. They will be 12.50 m and 14.50 m high and 0.90 m and 3.00 m thick respectively.
The two funnel-shaped lateral wall structures each have a component length of 76.00 m. The wall has a uniform height of 11.50 m and is 1.25 m thick.
The half-rounded dam wall on the right side of the dam when viewed from the valley below is 32.835 m long, 15.50 m high and 2.25 m thick.
The left side wall extending at right angles has a total length of 110.00 m, a height of 15.50 m, and is also 2.25 m thick.

When providing the formwork for the lateral walls as well as the pier structures which are half-rounded at the front and rear, the U-shaped guide bearings for the gates are also formed with the Modular universal formwork. They are created as 80 cm deep, 1.50 m wide recesses in the immense reinforced concrete structures.
In order to shutter the rounded reinforced concrete structures, PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt. Ltd. constructed a customized design based on Modular formwork for its customer M / S. Baitarani Power Project Limited.

Modular universal formwork

The range of elements available for everyday applications guarantees that the formwork can be used even for complicated geometries, as the project in India shows most convincingly. The simple, sturdy formwork construction demonstrates its stability even in subtropical climates. It is supremely reliable and versatile, ideal for large projects.

Logistical support included

Since the dam is being built in such a remote region, the delivery of the Modular formwork, the props, the accessories and consumables had, of course, to be organised as well. PASCHAL Formwork (India) Pvt. Ltd. took charge of this as well, and delivered everything ready for use at the site with a fleet of 40-foot trucks.

On-site service

Since M / S. Baitarani Power Project Private Limited was using the Modular system for the first time, the PASCHAL engineers provided on-site instruction in its use. This also underlined the advantages of Modular universal formwork, as the extensive range of elements and ease of use are self-evident, thereby helping to ensure that the components are used correctly, even by personnel with little experience. Their sturdy flat steel frame construction means the elements can withstand "rough" handling from time to time.

Dam construction drawing
Detail from dam construction drawing.

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