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Formwork for the “Betonoase” (Concrete Oasis) pilot project provided by PASCHAL

A project which is unique in Germany is currently being developed in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde. For the first time ever in Germany, the highly insulating building material “infra-lightweight concrete” is being used for the construction of a public building, in this case the new “Betonoase” youth centre. The formwork for this extraordinary project is provided by PASCHAL.

Innovative concept

The new "Betonoase" leisure and youth centre will occupy a total of 480 square metres and provide adolescents and young families with a bright, friendly refuge.

The project was designed by GRUBER UND POPP ARCHITEKTEN BDA, an architectural office which is well known for creating unique and sustainable building concepts and school buildings.

The architects aim to realise this new building using innovative infra-lightweight concrete. This construction material is so new that its final approval by the building supervisory authorities is still pending. Therefore, in order to implement this project, the planners had to obtain an individual approval. Given the extremely positive test results which have been achieved with this material, this was granted without any problems.

LOGO.3 wall formwork system from PASCHAL
The outer walls of the "Betonoase" in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde are made of innovative infra-lightweight concrete and built using the LOGO.3 wall formwork system from PASCHAL.
Photo: Alexander Blumhoff,

Highly insulating outside walls in exposed concrete quality with LOGO.3

Thanks to the exceptional heat insulating properties of this infra-lightweight concrete, the passive-house standard is achieved with a wall thickness of just 50 cm. No additional insulation of the outside walls is required. Moreover, with infra-lightweight concrete, the visual quality of solid exposed concrete can be achieved. In this way, the demands for an appealing concrete look have been reconciled with the energy requirements imposed on external components for the first time ever.

To satisfy the requirements when concreting with this new material, the construction company E & W BauTec Gbr is using the efficient formwork solutions from PASCHAL.

The high-strength LOGO.3 wall formwork system has been selected for constructing the walls. Exceptional exposed concrete results can be achieved even with the standard version of this system, without any additional extras.

The highly insulating outside walls of the "Betonoase", which measure 50 cm in width, are being cast monolithically as a single-shell concrete structure on site using around 275 m³ of infra-lightweight concrete. In total around 428 m² of walls will be built in four stages. Since a special drainage material has been stuck to the formwork when concreting with the infra-lightweight material, all the formwork panels have to be free from separating agents.

The reinforcement must be completely galvanised, including the binding wires. The outside walls are concreted up to the top edge of the parapet wall.

Around 523 m² of PASCHAL-Deck is also being used as support for filigree concrete slabs and about 160 m² as in-situ concrete support in the project.

Uncomplicated construction progress thanks to reliable formwork and perfect supervision

"The LOGO 3. formwork is a reliable solution which not only yields good exposed concrete results, but is also remarkably easy to work with. What has impressed us most is the professional site support during the project and the rapid implementation of changes during the planning phase," explains construction manager Frank Müller, E & W BauTec Gbr.

The planned completion date for the "Betonoase" youth centre is July 2018.

Project details

Project: New construction of the "Betonoase" youth centre
Location: Berlin-Friedrichsfelde, Germany
Formwork systems: LOGO.3 (steel) approx.428 m² (340 +90 cm), PASCHAL-Deck approx. 523 m², in-situ concrete supports 160 m²
Planned completion: Summer 2018
Construction company: E & W BauTec Gbr, Zehdenicker Str. 44A
16798 Fürstenberg/Havel

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