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23.11.2022 wall formwork offers flexible anchoring technology for every requirement

This innovative formwork solution can be used for both one-sided and conventional anchoring with standard tension material.

The wall formwork system can easily be converted from double-sided to single-sided anchoring using a sophisticated changing system. At the heart of the formwork system are exchangeable sleeves made of steel. The guide bushings built into the formwork are equipped with a conical access opening in the appropriate diameter for DW15 and DW20 tie rods. This means that the classic type of two-sided anchoring is possible. To change over to one-sided anchoring, the guide bushings on the side of the adjustable formwork are merely replaced with clamping units.

The tie points for the one-sided tie rod equipment can be operated by just one person, this leads to less manpower requirements and therefore to time and cost savings. Because the formwork can be fully operated from one side, it guarantees optimised working even in confined spaces.

One-sided anchoring with wall formwork
In the case of one-sided anchoring, the tie rod is screwed into the bracing unit in the adjustable formwork together with the cladding tube, the guide bushings and the plate with ball-and-socket joint.

Economical formwork thanks to standard tension material

In comparison with other solutions on the market, standard material is used for both anchor variants. The cladding tubes can therefore be freely chosen and can consist of plastic or fibre cement depending on requirements. In this way, also impresses with its simplicity and cost efficiency.

Optimised working thanks to compatibility with LOGO formwork wall formwork has the same frame profile as the formwork systems, LOGO.3 and LOGO.alu, and is therefore universally compatible. The LOGO wedge clamp and multi-clamp are used as connecting pieces. The accessories for the LOGO.3 can also be combined with the system.

Ideally suited for all floor plans

As usual with PASCHAL, the one-sided formwork tie rod system also boasts intelligent element sorting. The new formwork will most likely be produced in the height of 270 cm and 340 cm and as well as the widths of 240, 90, 60, 45, 30 cm.

The continuous formwork panels with a height of 340 cm offer the advantage of being able to shutter even larger wall heights without the additional extension of segments or needing only two panels to reach a height of up to 6.80 m, for example.
Due to the large dimensions, there are fewer panel elements per wall surface and therefore also fewer accessories — and in particular connecting parts — to be mounted. This significantly reduces not only the shuttering times, but also the cost of the materials used. at constructions site
As usual from PASCHAL, the wall formwork with one-sided anchor technology also has well-devised panel sorting, making it ideally suited to all floor plans.

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