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Formwork for the new bridge construction over the River Kinzig between Steinach and Bollenbach successfully completed

All the concreting and formwork for the new Kinzig bridge between Steinach and Bollenbach has now been successfully completed. The new construction will replace the old, dilapidated bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Kinzig in future.

The bridge is part of the much travelled cycle path, popular among tourists to the Black Forest, which runs between Offenburg and Freudenstadt. It also acts as an important link between Bollenbach and Steinach for cyclists and pedestrians.

The building costs for the new construction of the bridge run to a total of € 1.6 million and will be jointly borne by the two municipalities of Haslach and Steinach. PASCHAL-Werk G. Maier GmbH was commissioned by the construction company implementing the project, Schleith from Waldshut-Tiengen, with the planning and supply of the formwork.

All in all, PASCHAL supplied the formwork for the two bridge piers, measuring 5.45 and 3.93 metres high respectively, as well as the formwork for the two bridge abutments. A particular requirement in the project was the exposed concrete surface with a board-formed texture. To this end, the LOGO.3 formwork supplied was specially fitted with 2 cm-wide tongue and groove boards.

LOGO.3 formwork used for bridge pier
LOGO.3 panels to build the bridge piers.

"LOGO.3 is a reliable formwork system and was ideally suited for the project requirements due to its flexible application. Thanks to the good preliminary planning by PASCHAL, the formwork operations went smoothly and quickly. For example, the two abutments and piers were able to be used twice without a great deal of reconstruction work," says Florian Bühler from Schleith. For the project, the whole LOGO.3 range was used, from the plastic filler piece and the hinged corner posts through to the large-size panels, as well as the PASCHAL Modular universal formwork for the foundations. Altogether, around 200 square metres of PASCHAL formwork was supplied to the construction site.

The opening of the new bridge is planned for November 2018. Before its completion, the bridge will be covered by a wooden superstructure approx. 4 metres wide. The old bridge will be pulled down.

Abutments for the pedestrian bridge
Abutments for the pedestrian bridge concreted with PASCHAL formwork.

New pedestrian bridge between Steinach and BollenbachThe new pedestrian bridge will be covered with a wooden superstructure.

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