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The charm offensive at Riebeckplatz in Halle, Germany, is brought into shape with PASCHAL's LOGO.3

Supported by PASCHAL, the hotel landscape in the Saalekreis will become attractively versatile.

GP Papenburg Hochbau GmbH is currently realising its neighbourhood concept for the Millennial brand hotel using 600 m² of PASCHAL's LOGO.3 formwork system.

Preparatory construction work

Prior to the commencement of the actual new building, GP Papenburg Hochbau GmbH had to remove an existing floor slab for the new hotel building with its ground floor lengths of approx. 41 m in the east wing and 39 m in the south wing and make the ground more stable by replacing the soil. After completion, the 20 million hotel project with ten floors will provide 186 guest rooms with 372 beds.

Visualisation of the new hotel building

Concrete shell
The new hotel building in Halle an der Saale has been designed as a high-rise and, after completion, it will have 186 double rooms.
Owner of impression: 2zu1, Weimar

The highly stressed basic constructions

The reception, lobby, breakfast area, staff and technical rooms are planned for the ground floor, i.e. the base level. The floor above serves primarily as a parking deck at the same level as Dorotheenstraße. In addition, the first guest rooms are located here.
From the 2nd floor onwards, the east wing is set back and the tower-like part of the building is divided into 25 guest rooms and adjoining rooms from the third to the sixth floor. The seventh full floor houses further hotel technology.
The hotel building borders directly on the Riebeckplatz to the south and east. On the western property boundary, an outside staircase connects Riebeckplatz with Dorotheenstraße, which is situated on a higher level. In the north, the property borders on the Dorotheenstraße, from which the parking level with 43 parking spaces can also be reached.
The practical LOGO.3 formwork system on the base and first floors is the main formwork system used to shape the highly stressed reinforced concrete structures as well as the bracing building structures of the stairwell cores and lift shafts.
Since the official groundbreaking ceremony on 3 October 2017 on the approx. 60,000 m² site, progress has been steady. In order to guarantee rapid progress in the reinforced concrete work, the primary shell construction, PASCHAL's work preparation department was involved at an early stage in order to develop the optimum formwork planning for the reinforced concrete shell constructions.

LOGO.3 for cubic shaping

The inner-city hotel project has a cubic design which makes the PASCHAL LOGO.3 system predestined for forming the reinforced concrete structures.
In practical use, the LOGO.3 system never fails to impress when it comes to foundation forming, as wall and column casing and, with the dismantling inside corner posts, as shaft formwork for the stair-case cores.

Efficiency in formwork planning and practical use

Around 600 m² of LOGO.3 are sufficient for the shuttering of the vertical reinforced concrete building structures of the hotel measuring about 35 m x 35 m with a total of ten floors.
120 m² of LOGO.3 were used for forming the up to 1.35 m high foundations. For the different wall constructions - inner and outer walls, staircase cores - formwork and concreting was carried out with panel heights of 2.70 m and partly with an extension measuring 1.35 m in height. Due to its practice-oriented panel sorting, the LOGO.3 also fits as lateral formwork for the massive reinforced concrete beams, so that around 50 m² of LOGO.3 on the construction site are sufficient for this.
The staircase cores as well as the lift shafts, which are constructed with 250 m² of LOGO.3 in combination with the dismantling inside corner posts, serve as bracing reinforced concrete constructions.

View from above on construction site
The photo clearly shows the difference in level of the roads around the construction site. The building as well as the adjoining property areas are divided into 2 levels:
- Ground floor = Riebeckplatz elevation level, from which pedestrian access via the ground floor to the main entrance and reception is also possible.
- Parking level = elevation level Dorotheenstraße, from which access is from the rear.

Simple and systemic forming with LOGO.3

PASCHAL's basic requirement to form everything in the system is comprehensively achieved with the balanced and practice-oriented panel range right down to the narrow plastic filler pieces. Expensive on-site adaptations and detailed work on the construction site become superfluous because the application engineers at PASCHAL have already worked this out.
This provides effective support for construction companies in the swift execution of all reinforced concrete work under extreme time pressure.
After the first months of construction in Halle, site manager Andrea Lücht can only confirm this.

The implementation of this goal is impressively illustrated by the system extension, the dismantling inside corner posts in order to really make shaft lining for the construction companies more efficient.
The length of the inside corner posts is adapted to the height of the LOGO.3 formwork system panels from 90 cm to 340 cm.
If larger formwork heights are required, the dismantling inside corner posts can also be connected at their joints and from the topmost element the whole corner can be opened and closed.
Particular attention was paid to ensuring that the dismantling inside corner posts can be easily pushed together or can be put in position without the inner formwork has to be corrected.

LOGO.3 formwork in practical use
The level-equalizing ground floor is completely formed with the PASCHAL formwork system.

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