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PASCHAL INDIA is the part of creating landmark building project form the basis for a Construction of Federal Parliament building complex @ Kathmandu for Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal

In Kathmandu (Nepal) the prestigious Federal Parliament Building complex currently were being built. PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. supplied the formwork for all the cast-in-situ parts for this project and thus enabling the construction work to proceed quickly and easily.

The Project consists of various building structures namely upper and lower houses, central lobby, committee, secretariat, VVIP, canteen, library, parking, party house and printing Press each buildings consists of various floors levels as per the structural requirement.
Tundi constructions have planned to tackle the different building structures in phase wise with cost effective solution and minimum formwork requirement.

Visualisation of building complex
Tundi Construction Pvt Ltd in Nepal after their completion. The buildings will feature as crown jewel project combined with a modern design.

The concrete parts in the all levels are being cast in situ. Due to its versatility and the extensive range of panels, Tundi Construction opted for the Modular universal formwork and PASCHAL Deck slab formwork from PASCHAL.

Modular Universal formwork as column formwork
Thanks to the extensive range of panels and compatibility, Modular Universal formwork is one stop solution for all verticle requirements.

One formwork system for all concrete parts

The columns lift walls and all load-bearing walls with a concrete surface area of around 64,000 square meters and slabs of around 28,000 square meters were to be constructed within the shortest period possible. PASCHAL Form Work (India) Pvt. Ltd. supplied 425 square metres of formwork material for Columns & Lift walls and more than 5000 square metres of formwork material for slab in total. Focus was also placed on obtaining an outstanding surface quality as well as complying with all of the required safety parameters.

Being a prestigious Government project, Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd is looking for cost effective and versatile formwork solution to cater the whole formwork requirement with more repetition & less quantum for walls, columns and slab Materials.

In order to be able to deal with these challenges, company that was commissioned for the construction, Tundi construction chose the Modular universal formwork and PASCHAL Deck slab formwork system from PASCHAL. The extensive range of PASCHAL Modular universal formwork panels allows the elements to be combined in many ways. All the geometric structures were therefore produced through efficient arrangement of the formwork panels.

PASCHAL Deck slab formwork in use

PASCHAL Deck slab formwork
The PASCHAL Deck slab formwork

Quality that impresses

The project team of Tundi Constructions was highly satisfied with the formwork and services provided by PASCHAL team that supported the project all the way through the project, both on-site, and off-site from Indian HQ.

The main challenges faced for supplied formwork were to move the material to different levels, different buildings. PASCHAL Team carefully made the movement plan to ensure the effective usage of material and workforce.

For slabs, being a complex structure PASCHAL deck system supported a lot to achieve the task as per the planned schedule.

Smooth construction progress as per the construction schedule

As a result of precise planning on the part of PASCHAL, it was guaranteed that the available material could be used for all concrete parts without disturbing the schedule.

Another challenge that is required to overcome during the course of this project was the precise scheduling for the concreting and connecting of the vertical structures. By using the Modular universal formwork, it was possible to keep exactly to the timeframe and achieve concrete surfaces with outstanding quality. Whereas for slabs the plan and schedules are being changed, as per the site requirements Paschal had ensured the maximum utilisation of PASCHAL Deck system to achieve the time frames and quality of the finishes.

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