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08.11.2019 now in use

The first formwork panels have now been delivered to the PASCHAL trading partner Elvermann Schaltechnik GmbH for testing.

The new with one-sided operated formwork anchors was presented as a prototype for the first time at this year's bauma trade fair and was met with a very positive response.

Thursday the 24th October 2019 marked the day upon which the first 130 m² of this new formwork was loaded up and shipped off. PASCHAL's long-standing trading partner Elvermann Schaltechnik GmbH based in Dorsten-Lembeck received all 20 large-size panels measuring 240 x 270 cm. is now to be tested by Elvermann on a pilot project.
In addition to Elvermann, many other trading partners have stated their willingness to put the new system through its paces. This is testimony to their trust in PASCHAL and its products, for which the company is truly grateful.

PASCHAL is both excited and keen to receive the first feedback from the trading partners as to their impressions of

LKW loaded with
PASCHAL's new formwork with one-sided formwork anchors is now ready for shipping.

Erect formwork quicker with one-sided operated formwork anchors's one-sided anchor technology means that the tie points can be operated by just one person. This not only makes optimised working with low staffing requirements possible, but also facilitates working in confined spaces. A particular bonus of this new system: Depending on requirements, the system can be anchored either on one side or conventionally.
Thanks to complete compatibility with the LOGO.3 and LOGO alu formwork systems as well as the use of standard tension materials, is able to impress with its simplicity and cost effectiveness and thus offers an economic alternative to the systems currently available on the market.

Oone-sided anchoring with
The innovative formwork solution boasts a one-sided formwork anchor. Conventional two-sided anchoring, however, is also possible without any problems.

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