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Intelligent concrete monitoring in real time with PASCHAL Maturix™

Thanks to real-time monitoring, PASCHAL Maturix™ facilitates the efficient concreting process and, at the same, time provides well-founded evaluations.

During the concreting process, the involved parties are confronted with many challenges: A lack of real-time insight into the concrete maturity status, time-consuming data acquisition and processing as well as error-specimens prevent a swift and smooth concreting process.

PASCHAL Maturix™ is the solution for this! An analysis of the concrete strength is carried out by means of intelligent, wireless radio transmitters – this allows both improved planning and real-time monitoring independent of location and time.

Maturix case and transmitters
PASCHAL Maturix™ provides intelligent concrete monitoring in real time.

Save time, reduce costs

Based on the real-time analysis of the concrete strength, the optimal time for dismantling is determined. As a result, the number of defects due to early dismantling is reduced on the one hand, and, on the other hand, there are no unnecessary waiting times during the concrete maturity phase.
The user receives a convenient notification as soon as the target value has been reached or if there is too much difference in the internal temperature.
In order to guarantee the best possible concrete quality, the concrete temperature can be controlled and adjusted from any location by means of heating and cooling systems.

Increased production output

The transmission of the required curing time of the monitored concrete allows for better planning and optimal use of capacity.

Simple evaluation of measurement data

The Maturix software is a user-friendly web-based application that can be accessed from anywhere.
Thanks to the analyses and the recorded digital documentation of measurement results, the administrative effort is significantly reduced. The well-founded data also provide the basis for decisions and serve to verify quality.

Functionality of PASCHAL Maturix
Functionality of PASCHAL Maturix™.

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