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PASCHAL is providing solutions for a unique project in Copenhagen

Another major project in Denmark is being constructed with support from PASCHAL.

The large-scale city centre project is, by their own admission, a significant challenge for NCC Building Nordics, a regular client of PASCHAL-Danmark A/S. NCC is therefore exclusively relying on partners and suppliers who have already proven themselves for this project.

PASCHAL-Danmark A/S has been involved in the large city centre construction project since 2020. PASCHAL is providing the necessary systems as per the construction documentation and the progress of the construction. The following equipment has been used so far: the LOGO.3 wall formwork system, adjustable props, supports, slab props and shoring system towers used in combination with H20 beams.

View on construction site
The island, which is the construction site area, has an area of 45,000 m².

Uniqueness in every respect

Christiansholm is the last dock area to be developed in the inner harbour of Copenhagen. The entire island with an area of 45,000 square metres is an in-tegrated construction project. It consists of a group of buildings with different heights and facade and roof inclinations. The utilisation plan consists of 169 freehold apartments, 84 public housing apartments, a hotel and a market hall for businesses, cafés, restaurants and cultural life.

Visualisation of Christiansholm
The last inner city dock area in Copenhagen is to be turned into an attractive residential area and will be completed by 2024.

Reliability and flexibility are absolutely essential in construction

The city centre access and the location of the island itself are additional challenges for all parties involved in the large-scale project.
In order to deal with these complex construction tasks, NCC relied on its comprehensive experience and expertise in planning, logistics and construction skills. As a regular supplier, PASCHAL-Danmark A/S has been involved since planning started in 2019. PASCHAL has been providing formwork and scaffolding systems to the construction site since the reinforced concrete construction work started in autumn 2019.

More than 1,000 m² of in-situ concrete walls in the base level

Reinforced concrete walls were concreted in a single-sided manner in front of the sheet pile walls to provide a secure base for the entire structure. Around 400 square metres of LOGO.3 formwork and supporting jacks up to 6 metres high were used for the single-sided formwork for the reinforced concrete basement walls.

LOGO.3 used as single-sided formwork
The LOGO.3 wall formwork is used in combination with supporting jacks as a single-sided formwork with a height of just over 6.50 metres.

PASCHAL can set it up, even with heavy prefabricated concrete elements

As is common in Denmark, many reinforced concrete elements were used in this enormous project.
PASCHAL has provided adjustable props among other things for exact alignment and also for temporary support. Large-scale reinforced concrete elements are used, even for the facade panels with an inclination of 22 degrees. The heavy prefabricated reinforced concrete elements weigh around 20 tonnes. PASCHAL provides support with the matching adjustable props.

steel-reinforced concrete elements supported by adjustable propsThe heavy prefabricated steel-reinforced concrete elements are positioned and temporarily supported using adjustable props from PASCHAL.

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