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Secuset from PASCHAL

One lateral protection system, many applications.

Lateral protection systems offer a reliable solution for occupational safety in workplaces – for formwork, but also for many other trades associated with building shells or further completion works.

With Secuset, PASCHAL is offering a simple, safe and at the same time universal lateral protection system. Assembled in a few simple steps, it can be used in many ways and thus saves additional investment and storage costs.

Our free whitepaper gives you an overview of the most important advantages of our lateral protection system and offers exciting information about the various fields of application.

Let us convince you of Secuset!

 Variety of applications: The lateral protection system can be used for a range of applications thanks to the various connecting pieces.

 Tested safety: Secuset complies with the latest safety standard DIN EN 13374 and has an impressively long service life.

 Quick installation: A pull-out-resistant click mechanism makes the lateral protection posts particularly easy and safe to install.