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Lightweight formwork NeoR from PASCHAL

Quick, flexible and cost-effective formwork installation

Whether a new build or existing building, lightweight formwork panels of the NeoR lightweight formwork from PASCHAL enable easy handling combined with high flexibility and cost efficiency.

Our free whitepaper gives you an overview of the most important advantages of our NeoR lightweight formwork and offers exciting information about the universal lightweight formwork system.

Let us convince you of our lightweight formwork!

 Lightweight and durable: With a maximum weight of 40 kg, NeoR boasts an increased fresh concrete pressure absorption of 50 kN/m².

 Universal application: Thanks to the well-designed range of panels, the NeoR lightweight formwork system is ideally suited for the construction of foundations, beams, props and walls.

 Space-saving: A further advantage of the NeoR range is the low overall height of only 7.5 cm, which ensures low storage and transport volumes, and makes it a great space-saver.

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