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sprachwahl formwork system from PASCHAL

Working more efficiently with flexible formwork anchors

On formwork systems with one-sided anchor technology, the anchor points can be operated by just one person. This reduces manpower requirements and therefore saves time and money. Because the formwork can be fully operated from one side, it guarantees optimised working even in confined spaces.

Our formwork system provides all the benefits of formwork anchors that can be operated from one side. Additional advantage: In addition, the system can also be anchored conventionally if required.

Our free whitepaper gives you an overview of the most important advantages of and offers exciting information about the universal formwork system.

Let us convince you of with one-sided anchor technology!

 Optimised working: The anchor points can be easily operated by just one person, even in confined spaces.

 Flexible anchors: Depending on requirements, the system can be anchored either on one side or conventionally (on two sides).

 Cost-effective: Thanks to standard tension material and compatibility with LOGO.3 and LOGO.alu - accessories and connecting pieces can also be used.